Long-term care has gained importance in the past few years because of the growing aged population and the rising costs associated with eldercare. By 2050, 1/5 of the world’s population will be aged 60 or over, and 80% of the world’s aged will be in developing countries.

Challenges faced by Long term care facilities today:

• Rising Costs of Providing Care — Burgeoning costs associated with increasing healthcare needs and pricing pressures

• Staff Productivity — Need for smarter solutions for simplified and automated processes to boost staff productivity and reduce safety risks

• Care Quality — The low availability of skilled staff and financial pressures together lower the quality of care delivered

• Operational Inefficiency — Waste of time and resources due to increasingly complex administrative tasks along with the documentationand paperwork associated withcare delivery

• Resident Retention — Care quality issues and rising healthcare costs leading to loss of patient trust in their care providers

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